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Get the specs
without the hassle.

TechSpecs extension is an innovative browser
extension that uses AI to automatically generate standardized tech specs for your writing.

Selling electronics online is about to get a whole lot easier…

Automatically generate standardized tech specs.

Researching specs for electronics is time consuming. If you’re a YouTube creator, tech blogger or technical writer, save time by using TechSpecs extension. The extension generates standardized specs for posts on your favorite platforms automatically so you can focus more of your time towards creating content.

Save time,
generate more sales.

Modern consumers want to make an informed decision on electronics before making a purchase. If you’re an online merchant, generate more sales with TechSpecs extension. The extension generates standardized tech specs and reviews for your product pages to help you sell your electronics quicker.

Purchase electronics with confidence.

When shopping through online marketplaces, sometimes merchants fail to outline specifications on their electronics for sale. If you’re an online shopper, get more detailed information on the electronics you’re browsing by using TechSpecs extension. The extension generates standardized specs for electronics on your favorite online marketplaces so you can shop with confidence.

Supports over 150
online marketplaces.

TechSpecs works with Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Letgo and over a hundred other popular online marketplaces.

Compatible with your
favorite browsers.

With a few clicks, TechSpecs can be added to your favorite browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge.

Integrates with email
and social media.

TechSpecs integrates with Gmail, Medium, Facebook, Twitter and more.

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